Tudor & Elizabethan

Experience the golden days of Elizabeth I and William Shakespeare, with a stately Tudor set, performed in embroidered Renaissance dress.

* Greensleeves

* Now Is The Month Of Maying

*Since First I Saw Your face

Plus many more


Baroque & Restoration

Dido’s Lament (Purcell)

Return to the lavish and lascivious days of Charles II’s court, when music and theatre flourished, with an atmospheric Stuart set, performed in sumptuous satin.

* Nymphs & Shepherds

* Love Quickly Is Pall’d

* Dido’s Lament

Plus many more

Georgian & Rococo

Una Donna A Quindici Anni (Mozart)

Glimpse the luxurious salons of Madame de Pompadour or experience a taste of the extravagant court of Marie Antoinette, with a stately eighteenth century set, performed in stunning period dress

* Alleluia (Exsultate Jubilate)

* Let The Bright Seraphim

* Una Donna A Quindici Anni

* Voi Che Sapete

plus many more


Find yourself transported back to the stylish assemblies of Jane Austen’s day, with a romantic Regency programme, performed in elegant empire dress.

* Early One Morning

* The Ash Grove

* The Water Is Wide

* The Last Rose of Summer

The Last Rose of Summer (Thomas Moore)


The era of Grand Opera is brought beautifully back to life with a dramatic performance in the full crinoline dress of the 19th century.

* Quando M’en Vo (La Bohème)

* Habanera (Carmen)

* Seguidilla (Carmen)


The era of Downton Abbey and the Belle Epoque, the reign of Edward VII was a lighthearted time, when picnics and boating on the Thames became popular, and music halls flourished.



Smoke Gets In Your Eyes (Jerome Kern)

Treat yourself to a relaxing 1930s set, the perfect backdrop to a formal dinner, with nostalgic music from the era of Noel Coward & Jerome Kern.

* Smoke Gets In Your Eyes

* The Way You Look Tonight

* I’ll See You Again

* Skylark

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